CrashWarnThe ultimate driving safety app™

  • CrashWarn the app you need to keep you safer on the road. CrashWarn transforms your smartphone into a digital speedometer, automatically senses driving, calculates speed and gives real time speeding alerts. CrashWarn is always there, it is a smart way to keep tabs on the new teen driver in the family. Set the speed limit and get notified when the speed limit is crossed.


Speed kills. The difference of a few miles per hour can mean the difference between life and death. Speeding limits the reaction time and increases the momentum the vehicle has to overcome. The faster you drive, the odds of death increase. It's a simple fact of life......and death.

Download CrashWarn, set the speed limit, have peace of mind.

  • Speed display

    Converts your smartphone into digital speedometer. Simple, quick and easy-to-use app for tracking your speed when you’re behind the wheels

  • Customizable

    Define speed thresholds and alert parameters. Parents can set up custom speed limit which is password protected.

  • Automatic

    CrashWarn works in the background, senses the driving and calculates the speed without any user input

  • Real time alerts

    Swift real time alerts about speeding in both adult mode and teen mode

  • Help Alert Panic button

    Sends an automatic message with the GPS coordinates of the driver or motor vehicle accident victim

  • Optimized Battery Life

    Smart algorithms to minimize battery drain. Low power mode option to make the battery last longer

  • Prompt Notifications

    Text notification to parents when the teen driver speeds

  • Automatic Crash notification

    Delayed communication of motor vehicle accidents cause fatal delays in getting medical care. Automatic crash notification with the exact geo location, will bring prompt medical attention to motor vehicle victims

Why CrashWarn is different:

A smart app that cares for motorists and helps you avoid accidents. There is no existing product which has a combination of automatic sensing of speed,notification to the parents regarding speeding and detection of accidents with automatic text notification.
First 10,000 downloads are absolutely free. Unlike other existing products with similar service charge we do not charge a recurring subscription fees.
Unlike other similar products out in the market, no additional hardware is required.
In our field testing speed measurements has near 100% accuracy.
No user intervention required after the initial registration. The app is activated automatically with driving.
Straightforward and easy to use Easy to set up one time registration.
No distracting ads.

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How it works

Please watch the video promo and follow the instruction to install the app.

  • Download

    The app is free to download.

  • Install it

    We’ve provided 4 safety checkpoints to ensure activation.

  • Customize

    Set speed thresholds in either mph or kmph.

  • Ready to go

    Smart algorithms ensure the app will only run when you’re driving.



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Get the app

By downloading CrashWarn, you'll be making the world a safer place today, guaranteeing tomorrow. The first 10,000 downloads will be free, so start your engines by downloading CrashWarn from the APP store now, the ultimate driving safety APP. Because one second...can save countless lives.


CrashWarn uses sensors of smartphone to measure speed and acceleration. The application is in a standby mode at base line and is smart to detect when a person is driving and will automatically be active at that time .When the driver crosses the set speed limit, he is notified by an audio warning tone. In the teen driver mode, in addition to the audio notifications, if the speeding persists for more than 1-3 miles above the set speed limit, a speeding alert text message with the location is sent to the parent or guardian. The speed threshold and parameters can be personalized in the settings.

CrashWarn uses sensor in the smart phone to detect an accident and sends an automatic SOS message to emergency contacts about the accident with the exact geolocation.

After a motor vehicle accident, each second is precious and any delay in obtaining medical care reduces the survival rate of trauma victims. The first hour of such an emergency is termed the ‘golden hour’ and is broadly regarded as the most critical for saving lives. Shorter prehospital times are correlated with lower mortality and morbidity rates.

Because of poor emergency response services in developing countries, there is a significant delay in obtaining medical care to the trauma victims in motor vehicle accidents. There are several factors that cause the delay in obtaining the medical care some of which could be modifiable.

One of this factor is the initial delay in informing the emergency medical services and relatives about the accident-so that ambulances can be dispatched and relatives can take appropriate measures for the victims.

More lives can be saved on roads if emergency response times are reduced and if the right care is dispatched.

In the event of an accident , CrashWarn sounds alarm for 30 seconds before alerting the emergency contacts, to give an option to the user to cancel the alarm if it is a false alarm. With Every false alarm, we seek to take feedback from user as to what triggered this alert.

Automatic transmission of the accident location/ GPS coordinates will help the EMS services to provide medical care promptly. All too often in emergency situations, EMS receive phone calls from victims or Good Samaritans alerting them to an emergency, but the caller frequently fails to specify precise location information due to unfamiliarity with the area or chaos produced by the accident’s commotion.

Given the wide availability of smart phones equipped with powerful sensors, there is a massive potential for cutting the road accidents mortality and morbidity by connecting the accident victims to emergency services in real-time. While our focus is on developing countries where we foresee a big impact, it will be a big supplement to the current existing crash alert notification systems present in modern cars in the developed countries.

This technology created on well-researched scientific algorithms based on the G force of impact during a collision. The feedback collected from the consumers with each false alarm will be utilized to improve the accuracy.

Teen Mode

It’s the only safety app that not only senses speed, but also sends a notification to parents. In the teen driver mode in addition to the audio notifications, if the speeding persists for more than 1-3 miles above the set speed limit, a text message is sent to the parent/guardian with the location. These speeding alert text messages have been limited by us to 3 messages a day.

Teen mode has special safety features. Teens can’t change the speed limits themselves… a unique 6-digit pin is required to change the settings. If the app is foreclosed or location services are switched off, parents receive an immediate notification.

The teen mode also has a speed history button showing the last 10 incidents (with time and date) when the teen driver crossed the speed limit.

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